Fingerprint Lookup

The DCFS Fingerprint Look-up Portal is designed to provide information for Day Care Center owners or directors to determine if new hires require printing or are already in the DCFS system and thus only require an update and transfer. Enter the information as instructed.

If the person has previously been fingerprinted for licensing purposes and is in our DCFS database, you will receive instructions to print a confirmation that no printing is required. Submit a complete and correct CFS 718-B to indicate that the individual is now employed by your facility and their clearances should be transferred to your license ID number.

If the person has NOT been printed before and is not in the DCFS database, you will receive instructions to print the “printing required” notification. Make sure that when the individual is fingerprinted at an BioMetric Impressions print site, they take the notification with them, along with a completed CFS 718-B Authorization for Background Check form and a photo i.d.

If you are applying for a day care home or group day care home license, your licensing representative will determine if printing is needed and provide you with instructions.

To find out fingerprint locations and dates/times, please refer to BioMetric Impressions. Their website can be found here.