Background Check Delays

You may be noticing a delay in DCFS’ ability to process background checks in a timely manner. This delay is due to a federal redefinition in the scope of child care background checks which requires all adults to undergo an FBI check, out-of-state child abuse and neglect check, and nationwide sex offender registry check. DCFS must complete these by September 30, 2018, and are required for all adults, including those who have been cleared previously. Once everyone is updated and cleared, background check processing times should return to normal. We have taken extraordinary measures and are implementing a plan to address this setback. Until then, as existing checks are updated, more FBI checks are ordered, and reprints are processed, the lags will likely continue into the summer.

As a licensee, you do not have to do anything in order to update your clearances. Your licensing representative is your best point of contact—s/he has access to the latest status.

Please be assured that as long as your complete renewal application was received in a timely manner prior to expiration, your license is considered to be in full force and effect until such a time that the DCFS issues the renewed license. You may continue to care for children with your pending renewal application on file, even though your license may have expired.

We ask for your continued patience and understanding. The delay is situational, and not the norm for our processes. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your licensing representative or their direct supervisor.